Hey there! I'm David Lin.

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About Me


Experienced with building responsive webpages with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various frameworks


Experienced with writing software and algorithms to solve challenges in Python and Lua

Passion for Impact

Developing impactful projects with transparency to make a positive impact worldwide

Seriously Technical

A CompSci and support background means highly effective skills at using search engines, reading error messages, and understanding documentations

Living CI/CD

Continuous integration of knowledge with continuous delivery of results 😉

Learning In Progress

Current: The Odin Project (full stack JavaScript & Ruby on Rails)


  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Lua
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Frameworks & Libraries

  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Flask
  • PRAW
  • Selenium
  • Natural Language Toolkit

Tools & Workflow

  • Git / GitHub
  • Jira / Pivotal Tracker / Trello
  • Google Suite
  • Slack / Discord
  • Salesforce


  • Googling, as one should
  • Agile methodology
  • End-user and product need balance
  • Willingness to question and propose changes to existing implementations


Click on each project for an overview!

Game Tracker

Game Tracker

Easily track daily and weekly game progression objectives.

Quick Overview:

  • ReactJS site with a responsive and clean layout
  • Designed with modular components, scalable for multiple games
  • Customizable task lists with an auto reset functionality
  • Current supported game(s): MapleStory
Reddit Reposter

Reddit Reposter Bot

A python Reddit bot that posts community news.

Quick Overview:

  • Automatically scans and scrapes new content
  • Wrapped the non-public Reddit rescrape API using chromedriver and selenium
  • Deployed using Heroku as an accessible provider
  • Core python libraries include PRAW for Reddit API handling, beautifulsoup for HTML reading, and psycopg2 for PostgreSQL
SFSU Access (React Marketboard)

React Marketboard

A ReactJS and Flask capstone course project.

Quick Overview:

  • ReactJS frontend, Flask backend, MySQL database
  • Temporarily hosted on AWS for the live project demo
  • Ensured full site responsiveness across desktop and mobile
  • Validated and expanded the search functionality
  • Features include user & admin accounts, messaging system, and upload/download of digital items
CE Game Trainer

Game Trainer

A game trainer written in Lua and compiled with CE.

Quick Overview:

  • Utilizes GitHub for primary CDN and OTA-style updates
  • Re-wrote v1 of the trainer to improve user experience by preventing hard-coded scripts within the trainer
  • Included basic memory protection and multi-stage end-user validation
  • Features include injecting custom Lua code, choosing decentralized script sources, and advanced search systems
Next Project

Next Project

Coming soon...

Quick Overview:

  • There's nothing here yet!